I support creative people who may feel stuck or uninspired, or who want to more clearly define their creative vision, and to support them in overcoming internal and external blocks, so that they turn that vision into reality.

I support creative people in unblocking their creative genius, unlocking their Inner Artist, invoking inspiration. Essential to this work is helping people shape their inner world and external lifestyle from which their creativity can arise organically, uncaging the expression of their innate voice and individual style.

Do you want to be more creative and inspired in your work?

Do you want to find and unleash your creative power?

Are you having trouble uncovering your individual, artistic voice?

Do you feel the struggle of being a sensitive person in an insensitive world?

Is your creative progress floundering?

Do you feel like you have a special spark inside, fighting to get out and be seen?

Creativity flourishes readily, naturally in minds and environments where play is encouraged, where judgments are postponed or absent, where the artist feels safe to explore new ideas, consider unexpected options and unfamiliar alternatives.

This is the creative space I help shape in my clients’ minds and lives.

Creativity and Artistry is more than just about writing a novel or performing an aria.

It’s about one’s willingness and ability to reach beyond situational and personal limitations to find new, better solutions/possibilities for any work they do. And for themselves.

It’s about grace and authenticity, and transmuting struggle and pain into beauty, bringing bits of one’s soul into the open for others to recognize themselves.

It’s about invoking elegance in everyday life

The work I do with my clients often involves helping them:

  • Move past self-doubt and limiting beliefs about themselves and their work
  • Beat self-sabotage
  • Overcome damaging habits and addictions blocking their success
  • Inspire forward momentum when stuck
  • Conquer performance anxiety
  • Break out of bondage to perfectionism
  • Define their direction or expand their possibilities
  • Manage the requirements of time, focus, energy, and resources needed for their art, balanced with the requirements of living