I support successful people who feel unfulfilled, to connect with what is meaningful for them, and to take action on it, so that they have a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment in their lives. A meaningful connection to something greater than oneself is essential to a full, healthy life. I work within my client’s belief system to utilize the internal (and external) resources it provides.

I also support spiritually-oriented people who want to live their ideals authentically and walk their talk, to empower themselves through conscious connection to their spiritual resources, so that they integrate their higher values into their everyday lives.

Are you feeling stuck or lost?

At some point in our lives, everyone feels this way and needs help and guidance to make their way through. Life’s many twists and turns come upon us sometimes predictably, but they often come without much warning. Whether or not we expect the changes, change itself can be stressful. Even positive changes can be difficult. These transitions involve loss. We may have difficulty letting go of the comfort of familiar old habits, routines, people, lifestyle, environment, etc. We may have anxiety about what unknowns the future may hold for us. We may have doubts about our ability to successfully adapt to our new circumstances. We may not feel up to the tasks ahead. We may have been rattled by a couple of setbacks and have lost some faith in ourselves. Maybe what used to work for us is no longer so effective, and we feel lost. We often have to make difficult, even lifechanging decisions, sometimes with little knowledge or preparation. And this can be so overwhelming that even thinking about it can send a person into a highly anxious state.